What caught my eye this week.

How often do you check your portfolio, or even calculate your net worth? And how do you do it? Inquiring minds want to know. By which I mean your fellow Monevator readers!

The topic came up in a recent comment thread about end-of-year reviews. We decided a reader poll might be of interest.

Of course in theory I agree with my blogging buddy Nick Magguilli, who warned this week that most people’s time is better spent working for an income rather than fiddling with their investments:

Assume someone with $10,000 invested spends 10 hours a week doing stock research looking for the best investments. Let’s also assume that their research is good and they are able to beat the market by 10% a year as a result.

While this is impressive, unfortunately, their 520 hours of work (10 hours per week * 52 weeks per year) only netted them an additional $1,000 (10% alpha * $10,000). This means that our star analyst was doing stock research for under $2 an hour ($1,000/520 hours).

If the analyst’s ultimate goal was to build wealth, you can see how they would’ve been far better off by picking up a part-time job instead of analyzing 10-Ks.

Even if we were to increase the analyst’s portfolio size to $100,000, their 10% alpha (i.e. $10,000) is roughly equivalent to what they could have made driving for Uber in the same amount of time.

Guilty as charged Nick, at least for the past nine years.

Also, I suspect ten hours spent on investing matters a week is a big underestimate for active investors. It certainly is in my case.

On the other hand it’s good to have a hobby – even a passion.

For my part, my interest was what made saving and investing as much as 50% of my income more like an exciting prospect than a sacrifice. I was simply buying more firepower to do what I loved – the way somebody else might buy new golf clubs.

On the other hand, I don’t really any career to speak of. And given my passion, it might well have been better to get a job as a junior analyst while I still could and then to work my way into running money. (But… wearing a tie. The horror!)

Anyway, I can see both sides.

The poll tax

Hopefully my musings haven’t queered the pitch too badly. Please answer the polls based on what you do – not what you think you should do!

Below you’ll find two questions. Select the answer that’s closest to your own habits.

Yes, I understand some responses aren’t mutually exclusive, or that the poll does not reflect your unique and special experience.

Mine neither. That’s the nature of broad brush polls! We’re just after a sense of how Monevator readers mind what’s theirs, in aggregate.

For instance, I check my portfolio more-than daily via a real-time spreadsheet, but I also do occasional reviews in a text document. Clearly the first best describes how I keep tabs on my portfolio, right?

Two questions, no wrong answers

Firstly, let’s hear how often you check in on your portfolio.

I don’t mean attending to administrative matters (say an email from the platform) or adding money (automatic or manually) but rather keeping tabs on the (hopefully) growing value of your stash.

How often do you tend to check your portfolio’s value?

Secondly, readers and I were curious how you do it.

Again – there’ll be crossover. For example I run a massive real-time spreadsheet, but of course I sometimes see elements of my portfolio on a platform’s web page. Who doesn’t? So the spreadsheet answer I’d give here.

What best describes how you mostly track your portfolio?

Thanks in advance! The poll will run until Friday and I’ll either recap the final results next weekend or riff them into a future article.

Have a great weekend.

p.s. The new Netflix documentary Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is worth getting in the supermarket popcorn for. The first episode in particular offers a potted history of 20th Century Wall Street. As for the story, it’s completely unbelievable. Which is crazy, considering it’s true.

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And finally…

“In the abstract, life is a mixture of chance and choice. Chance can be thought of as the cards you are dealt in life. Choice is how you play them.”
– Edward Thorpe, A Man for All Markets

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