What caught my eye this week.

Those of you who needed a lie down in a dark room after the middle class etymology wars we had a couple of months ago might want to pre-load on painkillers before clicking though to hear what FIRE V London thinks it takes to be proper rich.

The ever-interesting F-ing-Fat-FIRE blogger has re-run his numbers, and he now concludes that:

“…based on the people I know who are at least 2x as rich as me, I would say the amount needed to be ‘enough’ is around £50m. That seems to be the number where conventional economic activity stops, and I don’t discern any perceivable ‘just a couple more years’ nor any obvious pegging.

£10m definitely isn’t enough to reset mindsets these days – though it might have been 20 years ago.”

Clearly bonkers numbers, even for most of the considerably more affluent than thou readers of Monevator.

But I’m sure plausible given the circles FvL moves in. London is like that.

Of course we can all see that the hedonic treadmill is permanently jammed on a steep incline – and that if we can afford sufficiently powerful binoculars then we’ll always be able to spot some Joneses down the road who are much richer than us.

Clearly it’s an infinite game you can’t win. Even the world’s temporarily richest billionaires invariably suffer reversals.

But it’s easier to sound wise about this than to consistently live it.

Doing my own thing. Mostly.

Personally, I occasionally get jealous of bloggers who made a fortune – or even just make enough – as well as university friends who made their nut at global banks (often in technical roles, not even profit centers) by their late-40s, and the fund managers I once daydreamed of becoming.

Not to mention all the self-made multi-millionaires I’ve seen do that deed in what we shall ironically call my professional life.

So the feeling is there sometimes, fine. But I acknowledge it and it passes.

To that extent, rather some of them than me.

Have a great weekend.

p.s. Judging by the comments last week, we have quite a few 1990s indie music fans among our subscribers. If that’s you, then you might be interested to read about what some cassette tapes from the era are fetching at auction. I once owned six of that top ten in physical form – and at least three as cassettes, including Pearl Jam’s Ten. Alas all sold long when I ‘liquidated my position in solid-state music’, as a friend put it at the time. Ho hum. Fine. Again.

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And finally…

“Why can’t people have what they want? The things were all there to content everybody; yet everybody has the wrong thing.”
– Ford Maddox Ford, The Good Soldier

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