What caught my eye this week.

The online brokers keep sending me pointers to cash and cash-like investing opportunities – from the interest rates they pay in SIPPs to ideas for money market funds and cash-like ETFs that track short-term bonds.

Indeed one low-cost share dealing platform has emailed me the same variation for three weeks in a row. Clearly it’s working for them, which tells us the appetite for cash among retail investors is ravenous.

And to be sure, explaining how to hold cash – and ‘nearly-cash’ – with an easily-traded ETF is giving the customers information that they want.

But it will also be aimed at discouraging those customers from moving their money off-platform instead, to traditional savings account or similar.

It’s a battle for attention, just like Netflix versus Sky.

What probably won’t have gotten so much consideration though is what’s the likeliest best long-run return for the typical retail investor.

Because the reality is that over time periods of more than just a few years, cash and very short-term government bonds have typically delivered lower returns than longer-term bonds, while equities have historically left cash in the dust.

Moving to cash in 2021 would have been a market-timing move for the ages.

But the odds of that being the case in late 2023 – even after the strong recovery we’ve seen in US markets this year – seems to me much lower.


Don’t get me wrong – I love cash.

I consider it the king of the asset classes in all market environments, even when it’s badly lagging. The security just can’t be beaten.

But the fact is holding a lot of cash is a luxury that few of us can afford.

Back in 2010 as we continued to climb out of the wreckage of the financial crisis, I warned:

I think it’s currently sensible to prefer shares to cash or bonds. For now, the yield situation looks good for equities.

Also, financial insiders are still reporting there is a lot of cash on the sidelines after people stopped investing in equities and other risky assets during the bear market.

So even now, cash is king in a lot of investors’ minds.

Usually there’s very little cash around at the top of a market. In fact, people often start borrowing to invest – a classic sign of a toppy market!

Again, cash is trash doesn’t hold right now on that score.

Unfortunately, some shell-shocked investors who took too much comfort in cash after the financial crisis never got back into shares.

They then missed out on one of the greatest stock market bull runs of all time.

Cashing in

It’s hard to argue that shares are exactly cheap right now – at least not the US shares that make up the bulk of global market funds.

And most people should always have some cash for diversification, even beyond their emergency fund.

Also, cash is typically a better deal for switched-on private investors who can chase the best rates than it is for institutions, so I’d even agree with holding much more cash than their model portfolios might suggest. At least until you’re knocking up against the savings allowance.

Finally, there’s a craze at the moment for holding low-coupon gilts as a cash substitute outside of tax shelters. Gains on gilts are capital gains tax-free, so this is better than paying tax on interest from savings. It’s interesting stuff to explore and one can happily get lost in the weeds.

Nonetheless, I’d urge readers not to lose sight of the prize if you’re a typical investor with decades ahead of saving for the long-term.

Unless you’re a mega-earner, cash(-like) returns won’t get you where you need to be.

Have a great weekend!

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