What caught my eye this week.

A friend of mine was bemoaning how some of his staff were not enthusiastic about his upcoming office Christmas party.

Covid cancelled the previous two. My extrovert friend is beside himself to get back to the minefield of Secret Santa, the lottery of dinner seating, and drunken karaoke with two bemused blokes from the Reading office.

I suggested that if somebody didn’t want to join the party, he just gave them £100 in lieu to do whatever else they liked instead.

Which went down like the mini Bounties in a box of Celebrations.

Of course my friend protested that this was a bonding event. Which was what justified the £10,000 budget. An investment in team morale. A chance for colleagues who’d never met to get to know each other.

Indeed anyone who would actually take the £100 alternative would only be revealing themselves as being outside of the team.

The opposite of what he was trying to achieve!

Brent crude

Look, I see both sides. And I’ve been to some excellent office parties featuring genuine friends. Albeit usually as a contractor who rarely saw an 8.45am start with the gang – as opposed to being a wage slave forced to spend another six hours of my life with Gary from accounts, when all that keeps me sane is the 40-hour cap on Gary in a normal working week.

I don’t believe anyone should be put through the cruel and unusual punishment of an office party if that’s how they’ll find the forced festivities.

Besides, wouldn’t my suggested £100 Get Out Of Jail bonus equally inspire warm feelings from somebody dreading the alternative?

I believe so, but I didn’t win over my friend.

And so somewhere in London in the next two weeks you might run into yet another 50 incongruous diners in variously coloured paper hats talking about the prospects for an upcoming trade show – only to be interrupted by my friend standing up to deliver his surely-hilarious end of year awards.

He can’t say he wasn’t warned.

But what do you guys think? Am I being a Mr Scrooge? Or has the pandemic put the clad-iron case for certain office rituals to the sword forever? Share you worst – or who knows, maybe your best – Christmas party anecdotes in the comments below.

Enjoy the reading!

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– Hernan Diaz, Trust

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