What caught my eye this week.

You know those movies that you’ve seen half a dozen times – Raiders of the Lost Ark I’m looking at you – but when you come across them channel-hopping on terrestrial TV you stop and watch them again?

(I’m aware I’m talking to a dwindling band of readers who spent countless hours flicking through their TV channels like this. Please use your imagination if you’re under 30.)

That’s how I feel about the 1960s’ investing classic The Money Game by the pseudonymous Adam Smith. Any time I find a quote from this book popping up on the Web, it feels like one of the best things I’ve read for days.

This week it was Financial Ducks in a Row who added Money Game magic to their blog. Here’s a bit of the extract:

It has been my fate to know people who have made considerable amounts of money, sometimes millions, in the market. One is Harry, who made it and blew it and made it again. Harry really wanted to make a million dollars, and he did.

I think Mr. Linheart Stearns1 had a very good point when he said the end object of investment ought to be serenity. Now if you think making a million dollars will give you serenity, there are two things you can do. One is to find a good head doctor and see if you can discover why you think a million dollars will give you this serenity. This will involve lying on a couch, remembering dreams, talking about your mother, and paying forty dollars an hour. If your course is successful, you will realize that you do not want a million dollars but something else which the million dollars represents to you, such as love, potency, mother, or what have you. Released, you can go off about your business and not worry any more, and you will be poorer only by the number of hours you spent in accomplishing this times forty dollars.

The other thing you can do is to go ahead and make the million dollars and be serene. Then you will have both a million dollars and serenity, and you do not have to deduct the number of hours times forty dollars unless you feel guilty about making it.

Genius and in my experience very true.

With the possible exception of my cow-chasing co-blogger The Accumulator, I don’t know anyone who got markedly less stressed when they got much wealthier. I’m not saying everyone had a breakdown, but the reality is money to lose brings worries that are hard to imagine when you’re first getting your snowball rolling.

There are things we can do about this, maybe. But honestly, I like Smith’s admonishment just to choose to be chilled about it. It’s probably as (un)likely to work as anything else.

Of course some people make millions, put the money into a well-constructed portfolio, and never worry about it again – even when the big crashes come around.

But few of those read – let alone write – investing blogs.

Us? We strive on.

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Okay have a great weekend all.

Not much summer left. Wasn’t much summer to begin with…

Feel free to share your ‘stop and watch’ films in the comments. To stay on brand, a newly emerging one for me is Margin Call. Gotta stay for Jeremy Irons!

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And finally…

“Spending money to show people how much money you have is the fastest way to have less money.”
– Morgan Housel, The Psychology of Money

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