What caught my eye this week.

The Financial Times has a piece about a Morgan Stanley piece (still with me?) about where we’re at in the three-year old tussle between working from home and returning to the office.

Its most striking graph shows that of the four major economies surveyed, the UK’s employees worked the fewest days at home pre-Covid – and yet now they work at home the most:

They’d do even more if they could, too. (Dark green bar.) It’s such a striking turnaround.

Did UK workers not appreciate how miserable their remorseless schlep to the office was before the pandemic showed them another way?

Did UK employers not trust them?

Or is something else going on in the UK economy as a result of the pandemic that has enabled this transition? (Or is this some artefact of data sampling clashing with local cultural practices?)

My gut says it’s probably in part a London thing, given its dominance. The City is still dead on a Friday.

That’s reinforced by a graph showing how the wealthier the worker, the more days they tend to work from home – and we know more wealthy people work in London.:

Indeed, the lowest income workers are now working fewer days from home. (As if they didn’t have enough to deal with already.)

When we last checked in on this issue in March, big employers seemed resigned to a more remote workforce. This despite a lot of rhetoric about how things had to go back to normal soon.

Yet here in November it does seem like all the hot air urging a five-day commute was exactly that.

At some point politicians and planners will have to do more with this shift than simply use it as an excuse to scrap HS2.

Hurrah! More Monevator members

A quick thanks to everyone who just signed up to our Mavens member subscriptions on the back of The Accumulator’s new decumulation model portfolio.

Sure, the company I talked about last week in Moguls went up more than 30% on Thursday. (Something that won’t happen again in the next five years – so please don’t join up expecting a repeat performance!)

But @TA’s passive mantra is the heart of this site. So I’m thrilled to see so many more of you helping to ensure Monevator’s long-term future – whilst booking a ringside seat on @TA’s new adventure.

Some housekeeping notes for new members:

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Make sure you’re subscribed to get our emails. A couple of dozen members are not getting member emails. In some cases they may not want emails and are reading on the site. But I bet a few are confused. Basically you have to get all our emails to get any – both the free site articles and your member articles. You can’t just get the latter. If you ever unsubscribed from our emails – or failed to confirm you wanted them when prompted by an email – then the system won’t send you member emails, either. This is best practice, because we’re not spammers. But please do re-subscribe if you want to read member articles over email.1

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We are now about 80% of the way towards the rough target I set for us as a sustainable membership base. (Albeit that’s ignoring inflation, and assuming not everyone signs up for the cheaper Mavens).

So we’re nearly there – but not quite there yet.

Please do consider joining if you’ve not yet done so. You’re in good company these days!

And thanks yet again to everyone who has already become a member.

Have a great weekend!

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